The liquid state of the metal alloy at room temperatures and soft casing material makes the sensors thin, conformable, and soft. The wire remains soft due to the liquid core. Similarly, the soft state provides inherent strain sensing functionality.

The thermoplastic casing selection provides the desired elasticity, strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance and durability as required by specific applications - the property selection is practically limitless

Proprietary interconnect technology ensures reliable interface with traditional circuital elements - LEDs, microchips, batteries, etc.

Liquid metal alloy has been tested to show no cytotoxic effect, as per ISO 10933-5 standard. Acute dermal irritation/corrosion tests have demonstrated that liquid metal alloy is non-irritant to the skin as per OECD404 standard


ROBUSTNESS and DURABILITY unmatched by the competition

  • Woven or knitted metal fibers: can break and are not elastic
  • Woven or knitted conductive threads in textile fibers: can fray and have limited stretchability
  • Deposition/Coating/Printing: cracking, limited capability to withstand washing

TRULY stretchable wiring - NOT like hard wire filaments that are coiled to provide some leeway

The SHAPE of the wire (cross-section and length) physically changes, creating opportunities to measure, sense, and detect properties that cannot be monitored with any other technology



Eight patents and provisional patents covering all aspects of device fabrication, interface with electronic systems and components, and companion products

Extensive publications in top peer-reviewed journals and conferences by the inventors of the technology and managers of the company, with applications demonstrated in numerous fields, ranging from biomedical to wireless communications